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Shipping to Colombia from Boston

Super Cargo is a company specialized in shipping cargo from Boston to Colombia. We have all the human, technical and logistical resources to ensure the delivery of your merchandise in Colombia.

We are experts in international cargo shipments, in addition, in our services you have our commitment to package delivery.

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Super Cargo is oriented to provide a safe and quality service in cargo shipping through strategic alliances with the best cargo airlines and large maritime and land distribution channels.

Therefore, you can find excellent options for shipping merchandise with Super Cargo, and thus, choose the one that best suits your needs.

Our approach is based on the principles of honesty, responsibility, trust and transparency, which allows us to strengthen the bond with the client and generate service loyalty.

We are a leading company in security, opportunity and quality of service, with extensive experience in the international shipment of merchandise.

Keep reading to find out about the different shipping options we have from Boston and its surroundings, to Colombia. Thus, you can choose the best option according to your needs.

Door-to-door shipments from Boston to Colombia

Nothing more comfortable than direct deliveries to the place of residence from the US to Colombia, and with Super Cargo it is possible and easy.

Super Cargo allows you to send your boxes or packages from the comfort of your home.

With our door-to-door shipping service, Super Cargo picks up your merchandise at your address in Boston and its surroundings and sends them directly to your destination address in Colombia. So you won’t have to worry about carrying a heavy box to a point of sale. 

This door-to-door shipping service applies to both air and sea transport. 

Contact us to make your shipment to Colombia from the United States.

This modality applies to packages with a maximum weight of 110 Lb and the declared value must not exceed $2,000 USD. 

Does your load weigh more than 110 LB?

Door-to-door shipments also apply to maritime cargo, where there is no weight limit (it must allow mobility) and there are no restrictions on declared values.

Contact us to make your shipment to Colombia from the United States.

Virtual locker for shipments to Colombia from Boston

Nowadays it is more and more normal to shop online in the United States due to the excellent prices that are found.

What not everyone knows is that many times you need an address in the United States where you can receive your order.

The virtual mailbox is an excellent option to receive your purchases from the United States and then you only have to send them to your address, whether in Medellín, Bogotá, Cali, Pereira, Barranquilla or another city in Colombia.

Colombia is one of the multiple destinations to which we send merchandise quickly and safely at Super Cargo. Remember that Super Cargo has coverage in Centro  and South America.

3 steps to receive your purchase in Colombia from Boston

You only have to follow 3 steps to enjoy your purchase in the United States:

Step 1 . Obtain your address in the USA with Super Cargo, and then make the purchase of the product.

Step 2. Use a virtual Super Cargo locker to receive the product. 

Step 3. Coordinate with Super Cargo the shipment of the product to Colombia.

It is very easy to make your purchases in the United States and use the Super Cargo virtual locker to send your packages to Colombia.

If you’re still not sure if a virtual locker is the best for you, check out some benefits below:

Advantages of the virtual locker for shipments to Colombia from Boston

The Super Cargo locker service for online purchases in the US, to then send them to Colombia, has many advantages, here we will tell you about them:

  • You can create your free locker, just click here
  • No VAT, Tariff, or taxes on shipments less than $200 USD*
  • Free consolidation of up to 10 packages.
  • Your virtual locker does not expire.
  • Easily quote your shipping with our shipping calculator, click  here

Shipping ocean freight to Colombia from Boston and surrounding areas

In Colombia you can enjoy the advantages of sending parcels from the United States by maritime transport.

This is a very good option for those who live in the United States and want to send packages to Colombia.

Super Cargo has years of experience in international shipments. To develop our work,  We have maritime cargo transport, which allows you to expand the possibilities of your shipment: More flexibility regarding weight and volume and without restrictions on declared values.

You can send merchandise to Colombia by sea without weight limits. Well, you know, keeping the limits reasonable (the item can be moved). The important thing will be the size of the boxes you choose for shipment to Colombia.

With Super Cargo you can do maritime transport, which includes: international removals, shipping of tools, spare parts and heavy machinery.

If you have questions about the tax return, let us know when requesting the quote so that we can guide you. Our customer service area is available to assist you. Finally, in present that the maritime load does not declare taxes, and the insurances are included in the shipping price.

Sending Documents from Boston to Colombia

We know that sending documents must be safe and reliable, therefore, at Super Cargo you will find the necessary reliability and expertise so that your documents arrive in perfect condition and in the shortest time possible.

Sometimes it happens  what needs to be done  Urgent shipments of documents expressly from the United States to Colombia. For that, at Super Cargo we have the express envelope delivery service to Colombia, which has a delivery time of 72 hours. When the shipment is not urgent or express, delivery times are 8 to 12 days.

Recommendations for your shipments to Colombia from Boston

We want you to have the best experience with Super Cargo, the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of all our processes are a priority.

We invite you to observe the following recommendations of our service to Colombia for shipments made from Boston or surrounding cities:

  • The content of the package must be fully declared.
  • Air shipments of cell phones and laptops must be shipped individually, with no other items in the box.
  • You must use a double thick cardboard box.
  • The boxes must be completely closed.
  • You cannot ship commercial merchandise by air.
  • Make sure the boxes go through any stairs or exits.

Shipping conditions from Boston to Colombia

If you want to ship to Colombia from Boston, it is necessary to understand the customs regulations, requirements and restrictions related to the shipping method to be made.

Under the courier modality you must take into account the following: 

  • Maximum shipment of 6 units of the same item.
  • The total value of the items to be shipped must not exceed $2,000 USD.
  • The package must not be more than 1.5 meters in any dimension, and the sum of its sides must not exceed 3 meters.

Similarly, goods prohibited in the Universal Postal Union Convention cannot be entered, such as: flammable, corrosive products, weapons, videos or pornographic literature, jewelry, fine stones, precious metals, coins, money, items considered historical heritage or cultural, clothing or articles for official or military use and, hallucinogens or any other type of prohibited substances, pets or perishable food. 

Air cargo delivery times from Colombia to Boston is 8 to 12 business days.

You should keep in mind that the weight limit for air shipments  is 110 lbs. maximum, with a minimum insured value of $200.

Taxes apply on the items declared in accordance with the regulation of the country. 

Quote your shipment to Colombia with Super Cargo to provide you with the information you need to know to make your shipment from Boston and its surroundings.

Shipping taxes to Colombia from Boston

You can make your shipment without VAT, tariff, or taxes for  cases where the declared value of your merchandise is less than $200 USD.

If your merchandise does not apply to the previous category, you can contact us to offer you  current and relevant information in this regard.

Shipping rates to Colombia from Boston

This information is within your reach and is transparent with Super Cargo.

Quickly get estimated shipping quotes. 

The shipping value of packages can be roughly determined using our shipping calculator. 

You must select: type of item (category), weight in pounds and declared value, in this case, to use the calculator no dimensions are required. After we do that, we’ll tell you how much it costs to ship your order.

If you have the dimensions and weight of your items, please use our calculator to find an approximate value of your shipment. 

To receive more precise rates and delivery times, please write to us.

Frequent questions

What is an international locker for?

The Super Cargo locker allows you to receive all the online purchases you make in the US because it allows you to give a physical address where you can receive your orders. Additionally, the Super Cargo virtual locker gives you the possibility of obtaining a storage space in our warehouse to store your cargo there, until you decide when to send it to Colombia.

How to send a package to Colombia?

It is very easy to send a package to Colombia: you just have to quote and schedule the collection with Super Cargo, make the payment, and after that, we deliver your package to the final destination.

How to calculate the price when shipping to Colombia from the USA?

To calculate the cost of shipping goods to Colombia, it is necessary to take into account the shipping method (air or sea), the weight and the measurements of the box in which the shipment will be made. 

How to use parcel services to Colombia?

You can contact Super Cargo, a parcel company, through whatsapp, telephone, email or through our website .

Can I send documents urgently?

Yes, we have the express envelope delivery service to Colombia, which has a delivery time of 72 hours.

How to “track” your shipment to Colombia?

You just have to have the guide number or the reference number at hand and consult it on the Super Cargo website, or by clicking here

How to send cell phones to Colombia?

With Super Cargo you can send cell phones individually in a box. The commercial value, the brand, the model and the IMEI code must be informed, in order to avoid customs inconveniences.

 Can I send televisions to Colombia?

Yes, to send televisions to Colombia you must take into account the size and weight to make a quote. It is important to keep in mind that the television must be packed in a thick double box and with its corresponding protection in order for it to arrive safely in Colombia.

 How can I make purchases through the virtual mailbox if I don’t have an international credit card?

At Super Cargo we make online purchases for you, you just have to share the link of the item you want to buy, make the consignment to a national account in Colombia and we take care of the purchase and shipping directly to the destination address.