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Shipping to Colombia Near Me

Do you need to send a shipment from the United States to Colombia? Do you want to find the closest option to your location?

Keep reading because this information is for you.

At Super Cargo we are a company specialized in the transportation and distribution of cargo, from the United States to countries in Central and South America.

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Super Cargo has outlets in Boston, New Hampshire and surrounding areas. If you are in these areas, you can contact us so that we can collect your cargo at the door of your house.

Or if you prefer, you can take your merchandise to one of our authorized points of sale, taking advantage of the fact that we have a presence in different places. If you want to know where we are located, click on the link below:

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Shipping to Colombia near Boston, Massachusetts:

Super Cargo puts at your disposal different collection points, which are distributed throughout the Massachusetts and New Hampshire area. Here is a complete list of the points of sale. Remember that you can go to the location of your choice, or you can also write to us to collect your shipment addressed to Colombia, at the door of your house.


976 Bennington St. Floor 1 Tel: +1 617 568-0003 296 Bennington St. Floor 2 Tel: +1 6175680004 East Boston MA, 02128.

Petals Florist

10A Chelsea St. East Boston MA, 02128 Tel: +1 617 567-1101.

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984 Saratoga St. East Boston MA, 02128 Tel: +1 617 567-4443.

City Phone

982 Bennington St. East Boston MA, 02128 Tel: +1 617 997-4700.


43 Bennington St. East Boston, MA 02128 Tel: +1 781 824-3394.


49 Essex St. Lawrence, MA 01840 Tel: +1 978 687-2202.

Union Market

29 Union Sq. Somerville MA, 02143 Tel: +1 617 440-3582.

Super Cargo Warehouse

590 Revere Beach Pkwy Revere, MA 02151 Unit 1065 Tel: +1 781 241-9520 (By appointment only).

Shipping to Colombia near New Hampshire area:

sky market & butcher shop

9 Main street, Nashua NH, 03060 Tel: +1 617 901-5372.

Manchester Veronica Cobleigh

22 Hillcrest Ave. Manchester NH, 03103 Cell: +1 603 391-8604.

Types of shipments to Colombia near me:

Remember that if you are in Boston or in nearby cities, you can call us and we will pick up your packages at your doorstep. 

Within our broad portfolio of services, we put at your disposal all the necessary tools in logistics and international transport. We collect, transport and deliver your order or package addressed to Colombia. We can collect the items at your door or from our points of sale.

Shipping air cargo to Colombia 

Super Cargo offers the air cargo shipping service to Colombia from Boston.

Our air cargo service consists of: Virtual locker, door-to-door collection and delivery services, and document delivery.

We ship boxes, packages and merchandise from the United States to Colombia, Ecuador and Panama. With direct deliveries to the home and to all national destinations in a maximum time of 12 business days. Shipments to Panama and Ecuador are delivered to main offices.

The virtual locker is the preferred option for our customers, due to its convenience and speed. Super Cargo offers a physical address in the United States where you can receive all your online purchases. You also get a storage space in our warehouse to store your cargo until you decide when to ship it.

We send documents to Colombia and Ecuador in a delivery time of 8 to 12 days. We have the express envelope shipping service to Colombia which has a delivery time of 72 hours.

Your shipments are always tracked online through our website, through the tracking option you can  track your shipment.

Shipments of maritime cargo to Colombia

Cargo ships are safe and reliable means of transportation. These carry everything you need, and  once your items  are in the port,  We deliver them to the door of your house. At this point, it is very important to highlight that your belongings are protected against possible damage during transport, and that is why  that we insure your cargo for the value you want.

Keep in mind that we quote without any commitment. Plus, we pick up in the Boston area and deliver to your door, no matter the size or weight of your item. And the best part is that our professional team will take care of everything.

Shipments to Colombia near me with Super Cargo

At Super Cargo we make your air and sea shipments in a responsible, efficient and safe manner.

You can send your goods without any complications, whether they are: spare parts, electronics, kitchenware, door-to-door removals, heavy or bulky cargo. In addition, when you purchase our service, you have a free virtual locker, consolidation and repackaging, free storage (terms and conditions apply) and delivery to your doorstep.

Frequently asked questions shipments to Colombia:

What shipping methods does Super Cargo handle?

We can send by the following modalities: Air cargo, sea cargo or land cargo.

From which locations can I ship?

We pick up your shipments at the door of your house in the city of Boston, Massachusetts and its surroundings. Also, you can go to one of our authorized points of sale in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. See more:

Can you pick up the cargo at the door of my house?

Yes, Super Cargo picks up items in Boston and surrounding cities. 

Can I ship heavy cargo through Super Cargo?

Yes, with our ocean freight service you have the advantage of shipping boxes by size, not by weight; allowing you to expand your shipping options.

Can I take my cargo to the point of sale to be shipped?

Yes, you can go to the nearest Super Cargo point of sale. To see the full list of locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, visit:

Can I send documents with Super Cargo?

Yes, we send documents to Colombia with a delivery time of 8 to 12 days.

Can I send documents urgently?

Yes, we have the express envelope delivery service to Colombia, which has a delivery time of 72 hours.

What information is needed to determine the cost of shipping by air cargo?

You must take into account the total weight of the shipment that you are going to make, as well as the measurements of the box or packaging, the commercial value of the item(s).  and the destination address.

You can access  our price calculator at this link: Shipping Calculator – Supercargo in order to obtain an estimated shipping value. You must complete the following information: type of item, weight and declared value.