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Parcel shipments to Mexico

It’s getting easier to send packages to Mexico from the United States.

And when we talk about parcel shipments to Mexico we are talking about furniture, toys, clothing, tools, spare parts and much more. With Super Cargo you can send packages to Mexico to all national destinations from Boston and surrounding cities.

Nothing better than ground shipping for direct home delivery. This type of transport has the advantage of delivering products and merchandise door to door nationally and internationally. With Super Cargo, the cost of moving cargo to Mexico varies according to the size of the cargo, so it is clear and transparent information for you.

The measurements of the boxes are taken in inches and at Super Cargo you can find different size options for thick and safe boxes so that you can choose the one that best suits your shipment to Mexico.

You just have to be clear about the contents of the package, know the size of the package of your shipment and also its weight. If you are interested in shipping by pounds, Super Cargo also has this option for you, just make the quote.

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Quote with Super Cargo so that you can have more information that allows you to understand in detail the tax declarations, the tax refund and the transfer costs.

What you should keep in mind is that there is a normal cost of 18% taxes on electronic equipment for shipments to Mexico from Boston and its surroundings.

Land freight transportation to Mexico from the United States

The land shipment of merchandise, packages and documents from the United States to Mexico is possible with Super Cargo and with direct home deliveries.

This international cargo shipping option is easy and convenient with Super Cargo.

We are an excellent option for all types of items, including packages that are too large or fragile to send by mail, such as: furniture, appliances, works of art, etc.

Key Recommendations for Ground Shipping to Mexico from the United States

At Super Cargo we want your shipments to arrive safely at their destination.

In our experience, the best way to pack the items you want to send to Mexico is to use double cardboard boxes, that is, thick cardboard that does not allow the box to deform.

The properties of the cardboard increase the protection of your package on international routes.

It is important that you keep in mind that the shipment is likely to have additional charges if the box loses its shape.

You already know that shipping to Mexico with Super Cargo is an excellent option because you can choose it according to the size of the box you are going to use.

The tax return is not something new and surely you have it in mind. In that order of ideas, the truth is that the content of the box must be declared.

At Super Cargo we want your shipments to arrive safely and add to this when you make the tax declaration of your shipment to Mexico.

Restrictions and prohibitions for ground cargo to Mexico from the United States

Ground freight transportation from the United States to Mexico is possible with Super Cargo.

You just have to take into account some restrictions that apply to parcel shipments to Mexico.

Keep reading and we will tell you one by one the restrictions for shipping ground cargo from Boston and its surroundings.

The restrictions that we mention below mean that they are items that cannot be sent to Mexico by ground transportation from the United States, these are:

  • Flammable and corrosive products.
  • Weapons.
  • Pornographic videos or literature.
  • Jewelry, fine stones, precious metals, coins and money.
  • Items considered historical or cultural heritage.
  • Clothing or items for official or military use.
  • Hallucinogens or any other type of prohibited substances.
  • Pets.
  • Perishable food.
  • Medicines.

Track shipments to Mexico from the United States with Super Cargo

Once you have sent your package from Boston or its surroundings to Mexico with Super Cargo, you can “track” your shipment.

We have tools that help you track your packages as they move from one country to another. You will also be able to know when the package was delivered.

You just have to have the guide number or the reference number at hand and consult it on the Super Cargo website or by clicking here

Frequently asked questions shipments to Mexico

How to use Super Cargo’s parcel services in Mexico?

Tracking a package is very easy with Super Cargo, you just have to check the guide number or the reference number at this link .

How to send a package to Mexico?

It is very easy to send a package to Mexico, you just have to quote and schedule the collection with Super Cargo, make the payment and we will take care of delivering your package to its final destination.

What shipping methods do you have to Mexico?

Super Cargo has land cargo shipping to Mexico, with direct deliveries to homes and all national destinations.

Delivery time for shipments to Mexico?

Deliveries in Mexico are made between 10 and 20 business days.

What is the maximum weight for shipments to Mexico?

We can ship to Mexico items up to 144 lbs.

What taxes must I pay to send my cargo to Mexico?

The tax for shipments to Mexico is 18% on electronic equipment.

How to use parcel services to Mexico?

You can choose Super Cargo, a parcel company, through whatsapp, telephone, email or through our website .

How to send boxes or packages to Mexico from the USA?

With Super Cargo it is easy and safe. You can send a package to Mexico from Boston and its surroundings by ground freight transport with direct home deliveries.

Shipping items to Mexico from the US is quite easy, just contact Super Cargo courier company.

How much does it cost to send packages to Mexico?

The value of the shipment to Mexico depends on the size and weight of the box. With Super Cargo you can find different options that go from a box of 18*18*18 (inches) to 30*26*24. Find all the options we have for you in this link .

Can I insure the shipment of packages to Mexico?

Yes, you can insure the packages. Insurance costs vary based on the value of the item being shipped.

What is shipping insurance?

Insurance protects merchandise and packages at the time of shipment.

Are there restrictions and prohibitions on sending items to Mexico?

Yes, there are specific regulations on restricted shipments, prohibited shipments and hazardous materials that you must take into account when sending packages to Mexico from Boston and its surroundings, such as:

The shipment of flammable or corrosive products, weapons, videos or pornographic literature, jewelry, fine stones, precious metals, coins, money, articles considered historical or cultural heritage, clothing or articles for official or military use, and hallucinogens or any other type of prohibited substances, pets and perishable foods.

Where is ground freight shipping available?

We have ground freight transportation service within the United States and Mexico.

We make direct deliveries at home and to all national destinations from 10 to 20 business days.

What is the restriction by weight and units of ground cargo?

Weight limit is 144 lbs. You can send a maximum of 6 units per article of the same reference.